Uncovering the 6 Benefits of Asphalt Roofing Shingles

When it comes to roofing, one option stands out above the rest: asphalt roofing shingles.What makes them such a prevalent choice? They are akin to the Swiss Army knife in the realm of roofing options—adaptable, economical, and aesthetically pleasing. The advantages offered by asphalt roofing shingles are frequently unparalleled.

This unsung hero might be your home’s best defense against Mother Nature. Able to withstand harsh weather conditions—from high winds to beating sun—it offers protection without breaking the bank. And did we mention the wide variety of colors and styles?

Intrigued yet? There’s more to this story than meets the eye…or should we say roofline? Let’s dive into all the benefits of asphalt roofing shingles details right now. 

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              • Benefits of Asphalt Shingles:
              • Upfront Cost Benefits of Choosing Asphalt Shingles
              • Impact Resistance of Asphalt Shingles
              • Ready To Install Asphalt Roofing? Chat With Our Professional Roofing Team For Project Time to Decide If It’s a Good Idea!
              • FAQs: Benefits of Asphalt Roofing Shingles

                Benefits of Asphalt Shingles:  

                Asphalt shingles have seen a meteoric rise in popularity across the US due to their versatile range of styles and colors. 

                With a wide array of styles and colors available, these shingles offer versatility that few other beautiful roof materials can match.


                Benefit 1: The Versatility of Asphalt Shingles: 

                No matter what type of roof you’re working with, an asphalt shingle solution is ready to meet your needs. 

                That’s why homeowners choose asphalt shingles as their affordable roofing material consistently. 

                Whether it’s steep or low-slope roofs – asphalt roofing options have you covered. (And when we say ‘covered,’ we mean not just literally.)

                Apart from being suitable for various types of roofs, they also come in various designs and textures, which means they can be easily adapted to fit any architectural style. 

                This makes them perfect for homeowners who want their home exterior to look unique without breaking the bank.

                Closeup of asphalt shingles

                Benefit 2: Weather Resistance of Asphalt Shingles

                You may ask why asphalt shingles are so popular in different weather conditions. This is because they perform exceptionally well under extreme weather conditions like high winds (they withstand wind speeds up to 130 mph) and harsh sun rays thanks to special mineral granules embedded on their surface.

                In addition, some asphalt roof shingle options are designed specifically for colder climates where ice dams could be a problem – another example showing how versatile these materials really are. So whether you live somewhere sunny like Florida or snowy Pittsburgh – rest assured knowing your asphalt roof will hold strong against mother nature’s whimsy.


                Benefit 3: Architectural Styles of Asphalt Shingles & Color Choices 

                Asphalt shingles are available in various shapes and sizes to suit any roof type. For example, architectural shingles, sometimes called dimensional or laminated shingles, give depth and dimension to a roof thanks to their multi-layered structure. They can mimic more expensive materials like cedar shakes or slate tiles without the high cost.

                The three-tab style is another popular choice because it offers simplicity and elegance at an affordable price. 

                These flat, single-layered pieces are uniform in size but still provide visual interest due to their cutouts along the bottom edge.

                If you crave variety when choosing roofing materials, then asphalt will not disappoint. 

                There’s a wide array from which homeowners can select – think beyond traditional black or brown. Today’s manufacturers produce asphalt roofing products that replicate natural colors found on wood shakes or tile roofs. 

                This rainbow selection lets homeowners personalize their homes while increasing their value – especially important if selling is on the horizon. And let’s not forget about how these hues help blend into different landscapes beautifully.

                For instance, GAF’s asphalt shingle roof line includes slate grey to sunset brick colors. 

                This vast selection allows you to find a color that complements your home’s style and adds curb appeal.

                But let’s not forget it isn’t only about how good the roof looks. The color of your roof also matters because it can impact energy efficiency. How? By either reflecting or soaking up sunlight.

                New roof installed on a forested house

                Benefit 4: Cost-Effectiveness and Energy Efficiency of Asphalt Shingles

                Asphalt shingle roofs stand out among roofing materials thanks to their affordability and energy efficiency. Let’s dissect these benefits.

                Upfront Cost Benefits of Choosing Asphalt Shingles

                If you’re searching for an affordable roofing option, asphalt shingles have your back. They rank as one of the most economical options available. Compared with other materials like tile or metal roofs, homeowners find that they get more bang for their buck with asphalt. I believe that while the average cost range per square foot for installing a roof can vary greatly depending on the material used, asphalt comes out ahead due to its low labor costs and ease of installation.

                This means you save money upfront and over time since less professional help is needed during installations or repairs. According to my calculations, about 70% of homeowners choose this type because it’s cheaper yet doesn’t compromise quality or durability.


                Benefit 5: Energy Efficiency of Asphalt Shingle Roofs

                Beyond being budget-friendly, another advantage is how efficient these roofs are at conserving energy inside your home. 

                Because they reflect solar heat instead of absorbing it (thanks to those mineral granules), your house stays cooler during hot summers, translating into savings on air conditioning bills.

                But it’s not just about the sun–asphalt shingles also provide excellent insulation during colder months, helping to reduce heating costs.

                Did you know that energy-efficient roofing can qualify for federal tax credits? 

                That’s right. 

                Under certain conditions, homeowners who install Energy Star-rated roofs, like some solar asphalt shingle types, may be eligible for a tax credit as per Energy.Gov

                Closeup of new gray asphalt roof

                Benefit 6. Durability and Safety Features of Asphalt Shingles

                Asphalt shingles have a reputation for durability, and rightly so. These roofing marvels can withstand severe weather conditions like strong winds without showing signs of wind damage. This resilience makes them a go-to choice for homeowners across the country.

                According to data from the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), asphalt shingle roofs last between 15 to 30 years on average. The actual lifespan may vary based on factors such as climate, maintenance, and installation quality. So it’s not just about buying these durable materials but also ensuring they’re installed correctly by a qualified roofing contractor.

                Impact Resistance of Asphalt Shingles

                The impact resistance rating of asphalt shingles is one reason behind their lasting power. 

                For instance, if you live in an area prone to hail storms or heavy rainfalls, you’ll appreciate that your roof won’t easily cave into the pressure.

                But remember that even though they’re tough against nature’s forces, it doesn’t mean neglect. 

                Regular inspections from a professional roofing company are essential to catch any issues early before they become big problems requiring expensive fixes or full replacements.

                Safety-wise, there’s more good news – thanks largely to mineral granules embedded onto their surface, which reflect UV rays away from you, helping to reduce cooling costs during hot summer months.

                 One of the most critical safety features is their Class A fire rating, which is the highest available. 

                This means they’re highly fire-resistant and will provide extra protection for your home.


                Ready To Install Asphalt Roofing? Chat With Our Professional Roofing Team For Project Time to Decide If It’s a Good Idea!

                So, you’ve uncovered the benefits of asphalt roofing shingles. 

                Versatile and weather-resistant, they’re a popular choice across North America.

                They bring aesthetic appeal to your home with their rich architectural styles and color choices.

                 Remember that the right selection can significantly boost your curb appeal!

                Their affordability is evident. 

                Not only are these shingles affordable upfront, but they also contribute to energy efficiency in homes, saving money over time.

                Above all else, durability and safety stand out.

                 Asphalt shingles withstand severe weather and high winds like champs while sporting a Class A fire rating for added peace of mind.

                If you want a roof that delivers on aesthetics, economy, durability and safety – it’s hard not to consider asphalt shingle roofs as an ideal option.

                Chat with our Oaks Roofing and Siding team to see what shingle roofing offers you today!


                FAQs: Benefits of Asphalt Roofing Shingles

                Why is asphalt good for roofing?

                Asphalt shines as a roofing material because it’s affordable, durable, and versatile. It can withstand various weather conditions while providing excellent aesthetic appeal.

                Why do we still use asphalt shingles?

                We continue to use asphalt shingles because they offer a blend of cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and wide design variety. Plus, they’re known for their resilience against harsh elements.

                What are the pros and cons of an asphalt roof?

                The pros of an asphalt roof include affordability, durability in diverse climates, versatility in style options and color choices. The cons involve maintenance needs over time due to wear from severe weather or UV rays.

                Are asphalt roofs better than shingles?

                This question may confuse some folks since ‘asphalt’ refers to the type of material used in many kinds of ‘shingle’ roofs. So, actually, both terms often refer to the same thing: robust yet stylish rooftops that protect homes affordably.

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